Ecclectic tales from an independent wanderer…

Prepared for Takeoff


There is something slightly electric in the air when a plane is loaded & ready for takeoff; More so when you are heading to a known tourist destination.

Friends traveling together add exclamations of  laughter as more people pile in. Hoards of tourists embark; each individual looking more eager & a bit out of place than the last.

Large groups may even complete with nametags. Lanyard laden “flags” that serve as a tagging system. A surefire indicator that the individual is probably thinking, “I’m not sure what’s going on here…”

Happy to be seperate from the heard, there’s a comfort that comes with traveling alone. The sensation of being a quiet observer rather than one of the bustling, chattering masses.

A smuttering of languages surrounds me, all combining into a hum of energy staccatoed by friendly laughter. Passengers are joyous, filled with excitement.

Nothing quiet comes close to the flood of excitement you experience just before a trip.

So may unknowns.

So many questions.

Often, you never really travel to get away from it all but instead, to get closer to yourself.

Next stop, Greece. The city of Athena.

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