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To the wind…

Sometimes in life, you are better off simply throwing all caution to the wind.

Nearing my 30th birthday, I couldn’t help feeling an anxious twinge of disappointment, an emotion that wasn’t easily described. In many ways, this sentiment was brought around more in a manner of mourning the passing of my twenties, the closing of a door on a decade that through both its joys and adversities has helped to shape me into the person I am today.

In an attempt to celebrate this passing, rather than rejoice in the traditional manner, I decided to flee the jovialities and run away from my birthday.

Choosing my place of refuge was no easy task. Originally, I thought about Mexico, a place I hold dear in my heart. Then my thoughts turned further south, thinking a trek through the wine country of Chile or Argentina would be the soul food I was craving… After all, wine people are quick to lend a hand to a fellow enthusiast.

A financial turn of events steered me in a different direction however, when an unexpected $2,200 in repairs was needed on my seven year old Toyota Matrix.

Rather than put the cabosh on the trip entirely, I started looking at my resources and decided to cash in 30,000 in Alaska Airline miles and come to Hawaii.

The Big Island is my playground for the next few days as I traverse its stunning landscapes and dive into the unique phenomenon of AirBnB, staying with a new set of strangers at each destination.

Gratitude fills my heart as this unique journey begins.